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Johnshope FTP & Folder Sync

Johnshope Sync is a simple but fast command line tool to sync ftp and local file folders.

Sync is OpenSource and is licensed under the MIT license. Sync uses Starksoft FTP Library which is also licensed under the MIT license.
sync35.exe needs the .NET Framework 3.5.
sync4.exe needs .NET 4 or .NET 4.5.

Usage: sync35 sourceurl desturl [/update | /clone | /add] [logfilename] [/v | /q] [/w] (this uses .NET 3.5)
or sync4 sourceurl desturl [/update | /clone | /add] [logfilename] [/v | /q] [/w] (this uses .NET 4)



  • Urls can be either ftp urls or local paths (ftp urls must be url encoded, i.e. %20 for spaces). 
  • Ftp urls are of the form protocol://username:password@server:port/path?ftp-options
  • Protocol can be either ftp or ftps .
  • Ftp-options are delimited by a & and are of the form parameter or parameter=value
  • Available ftp-options are passive (passive ftp mode), active (active ftp mode), connections (number of concurrent connections), zip for compression if the server supports it, and raw for no compression, and time for the server's time offset to utc time. If you omit time, sync will autodetect the time offset. 
  • Connections option reqires an int value that limits the maximum concurrent connections.
  • The default ftp-options are active&zip&connections=10
  • The /update option tells sync to keep newer files in the destination.
  • The /clone option tells sync to clone the source and discard all changes in the destination. This is the default.
  • The /add option tells sync to add all files that are not present or outdated in the destination, but not to delete any files or overwrite newer files.
  • You can redirect output to a logfile by specifying a logfile name.
  • You can set output to verbose mode with the /v switch or to quiet mode with the /q switch. 
  • You can cause sync to wait on a key when it's finished by the /w switch.

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yariv_afek Dec 17, 2014 at 8:56 AM 
Is there any option in this tool to copy only specific file extension or to exclude specific file types or folders?